Birthday poems for best friend

Birthday poems for best friend: Did you think that a funny text message or a shout on Facebook was enough to wish your best friend a happy birthday? If you really call yourself best friends forever, show the true colors of your friendship by writing a sweet poem on a birthday card. Think of all the naughty times and cute memories that make your friendship special. Pour all these thoughts out in a short poem and give your best friend a reason to carry the biggest smile on his or her birthday.


1) It was always in my destiny

To be your friend and never your enemy

Fate had already decided for us both

To like each other and never loathe

Best friends, we were meant to be

You are my life, can’t you see?

Happy birthday


2) As my best friend

You are entitled to

An awesome gift

From me to you

As your best friend

I am entitled to

An awesome party

To me from you

Happy birthday


3) Best Friends Forever

Is the only way to describe us

We get along with each other

Without any problems or fuss

Our friendship is like time

It will never have an end

I wouldn’t have it any other way

Except have you as my best friend

Happy birthday


4) Happy birthday

You silly fool

I think that you

Are really cool

Happy birthday

You lazy bum

You will always be

My best chum


5) I love being your best friend

It is the easiest thing to do

I just have to be myself

And share all my secrets with you

I love being your best friend

You take all my worries away

May all your dreams come true

Is my wish on your birthday


6) The reason behind my smile

Is not money or success

The reason behind my smile

Is not promotion or progress

The reason behind my smile

Is not a new car or new dress

The real reason behind my smile

Is you my best friend, I confess

Happy birthday


7) Our friendship has no shape

It can’t be measured with a tape

Our friendship flows like water

It adapts according to the situation and matter

Our friendship tastes like cake

It is sweet, cute and never fake

Our friendship feels genuine and true

Here’s wishing a happy birthday to you


8) On your birthday I want to make a promise

Any celebration of your life, I will never miss

I also want to let you know

During tough times of your life, I will never let go

I also want to express

That I wish you nothing but success

And the last thing that I want to say

Is wish you a happy birthday


9) Best friends forever

Ours is a pair that could split never

As our minds and hearts merge

In my life, happy days surge

As you grow a year old

I hope you become better and bold

Happy birthday


10) The test of time, our friendship will last

Because our bond has taken us through a rough past

I will always be there for you, I want you to know

May joy and happiness in your life always flow

To my best buddy who is my partner in crime

Happy birthday, have a whale of a time


11) I have been planning your birthday since many days

I hope all my hard work pays

I wish you like what I have done

And that your birthday turns out to be fun

Happy birthday


12) Do you want to go to the mall

To buy new stilettos to make you look tall

Do you want to check out the flea market

Or sit down on the couch and review your life’s targets

Do you want to try out a restaurant new

Today your wish is my command, happy birthday to you


13) Without you, my life would have been a bore

Not having anyone to share stuff with, would have been a sore

Because of you I look forward to each day

Hoping to hang out with you and in the sun, aimlessly lay

Happy birthday to my best friend ever

May we stay apart from each other never


14) Keeping my fingers crossed, I have made

For you a fancy birthday cake

Along with a nice lunch and wine

To ensure for you a birthday fine

Happy birthday


15) Best friends like you are more precious than gold

Our bond is so strong, all kinds of troubles it can withhold

Wishing a happy birthday to my dearest friend

With this poem, lots of love and hugs I send


16) Best friends help each other shine

And listen to each other whine

Best friends help each other heal

And share all the things they feel

On your birthday today mate

To cut the cake, let us not wait

Blow the candles, let’s drink and dine

May this new year of your life, bring all things nice and fine

Happy birthday


17) Best friends like you are a treasure chest

In your company I can put all my worries to rest

With you, nights turn into parties and days become a fun fest

Have a fabulous birthday, I send my wishes best


18) A best friend’s heart

Is like a warm tart

Absorbing all the worries in

And oozing warmth so comforting

Excuse me for comparing you with a tart

But I have been excited for your birthday from the very start

Happy birthday


19) With you by my side

A dark night becomes a bright dawn

Without you, an ordinary day

Becomes boring and full of yawns

To celebrate the birthday of such a special mate

I have planned something spectacular, which will be worth the wait

Happy birthday


20) I have posted a childhood picture of us on Facebook

Which is so cute, you must take a look

I did that to remind you of all the fun times

That we spent together, which made our lives so fine

I wish you the very best on your birthday this year

Success and happiness in your life, I hope you get my dear

Happy birthday


21) We are friends for a reason

We have lasted through every season

Through times good and bad

When we were happy and sad

Today is the perfect time to convey

That I always wish the best for you, happy birthday


22) May we never separate

Through a quarrel or through fate

May we never fight

No matter who is right

May we never play the blame game

Between best friends, that is too lame

These promises as we make

Let’s celebrate your birthday by cutting the cake


23) We get along like a house on fire

Of each other, we never tire

May this magical bond

Always remain strong

That is what I really yearn for

May our friendship have lots of happiness in store

Happy birthday dear friend


24) First I thought it was a bit funny

But then I realized why it was so bright and sunny

For the rainbow, the clouds will part and make way

As you blow the candles on your cake away

Happy birthday


25) You and me

Are a perfect pair

To stay away from you

I cannot bear

You and me

Make the perfect duo

I will always stick by you

Is what I want you to know

Happy birthday


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