Belated Birthday Wishes for Friends: Late Birthday Messages

Sweet belated birthday card wishes for friends

Belated Birthday Wishes for Friends: The sweetest and the cutest late birthday greetings have the power to bring a smile back on the face of a friend who is sulking because you forgot his or her birthday. From funny quotes to messages that reek regret and apology – do whatever it takes to let your bestie know how sorry you are. Continue your apology spree on Facebook and follow it up by uploading sad selfies on Instagram. Do whatever it takes to make your friend forgive you for your forgetfulness. Regardless of your age the meaning of friendship never changes – so say sorry with lots of hugs, a heartfelt apology and awesome gifts. Pamper your friend silly to prove that you are truly best friends forever.


1) I forgot your birthday, it has left me stunned. I just can’t believe this has happened. Nothing can fix what I have done. But please remember that our friendship is second to none. Happy belated birthday.


2) I didn’t wish you on your birthday because I didn’t want to interrupt you in mourning the passing of yet another youthful year of your life. Happy belated birthday.


3) Friendship starts with F but do you know what else starts with F? Forgetfulness and Forgiveness. So please forgive me for forgetting your birthday. Happy belated birthday.


4) You are my friend and I have sinned by forgetting your birthday. This gives you the right to be angry at me in every way. Be broody, don’t stop sulking and keep throwing your temper tantrums at me. I will tolerate everything as long as you accept my apology. Happy belated birthday.


5) Because I forgot your birthday you are crying in pain and I am sobbing in regret – maybe this is fate’s way of showing how much we mean to each other as friends. Happy belated birthday.


6) Just because my birthday wishes for you are belated, doesn’t mean that my feelings for you are become outdated. My wishes may have come in a tad late, but that doesn’t stop me from calling you my best mate. Happy belated birthday.


7) Birthdays come only once every year, but our friendship is forever. This is not an excuse for being forgetful, but to remind you how our friendship makes life so beautiful. Happy belated birthday.


8) There are two types of friends – one who forget you and the other who just forget your birthday. Thank your stars that I just forget your birthday. Happy birthday to my bestie.


9) Please forget that I forgot your birthday. I will be able to forgive myself only if you forgive me by forgetting that I forgot your birthday.


10) My mistake is inexcusable, so take your time in forgiving me. Be rude until my heart’s pain you can see. I can understand that you are sad, I don’t expect you to smile. But I will keep saying sorry until you do, even if it takes the longest while. Happy belated birthday.


11) Nothing is impossible – this phrase has been proven right today, because I never thought that I would forget my best friend’s birthday. I am sorry.


12) Dear friend… don’t forgive me until I wither and crumble from within in regret and remorse. And even after that if you don’t give me forgiveness, I will take it by force. Happy belated birthday.


13) I never forget anything that’s got to do with you. I don’t know how I forgot your birthday. Until you forgive me for my stupid mistake, I will keep pampering you in every way. Happy belated birthday.


14) You have always been late for classes at school. You have always been late for meetings at work. You have always been late for our weekend lunches. Then how would I ever expect you to celebrate your birthday in time? Belated happy birthday.


15) I wait for you before doing anything important in my life. How come you didn’t tell your birthday to wait for me? Happy belated birthday.

Cute belated birthday message for friends

16) For forgetting your birthday, I deserve nothing but curses. I don’t have any excuses, just shower me with abuses. I know I have hurt you very badly, for which I am really very sorry. I will make it up to you with hugs, gifts and apologies, so we can get on to creating many more beautiful memories. Happy belated birthday.


17) We get so much homework and we are loaded with so many projects. I forgot your birthday and I blame it on the country’s education system. Happy belated birthday mate.


18) I have forgotten your birthday but I haven’t forgotten what a wonderful person you are. So please be the gentleman I portray you to be and forgive me for forgetting your birthday. Belated happy birthday.


19) Won’t you forgive a friend who makes your life a celebration every day but forgets to wish you once on your birthday? Sorry and belated happy birthday.


20) I know I forgot your birthday but believe me, it hurts me more that it does to you. Just put your hand on my heart and you will feel the throbbing pain. Sorry, happy birthday.


21) All my life I have been blaming you for being forgetful. Maybe this time it was life’s way of giving you a chance to blame me for a change. I am sorry for my late wishes.


22) I forgot your birthday but at least I didn’t forget that I forgot it. Happy belated birthday.


23) Since I sent you birthday wishes from overseas, I think they took longer to reach you. Happy belated birthday.


24) Do people hate celebrities even if they come late for parties? Then why hate me when I am late for your birthday celebration? After all, I am nothing less than a celebrity in your life. Happy belated birthday.


25) In school I was taught that ‘time and tide wait for no one’. If I was taught that birthdays don’t wait for anyone either, I would never have missed your birthday. Sorry, happy belated birthday.


26) I have hurt your feelings by wishing you late on your birthday. But if it is any consolation, I have been crying all day for forgetting my bff’s birthday. Happy belated birthday.


27) I forget my own wedding anniversary. How do you expect me to remember your birthday? Sorry for the late birthday wishes my friend.


28) I never believed that the company of friends could affect my behavior and personality but I have been proven wrong. I guess your forgetfulness has indeed rubbed off on me. Wishing you a belated happy birthday.


29) I am begging and crying, sorry is what I am repeatedly saying. Sorry for forgetting your birthday bestie, I am pleading please forgive me. Happy belated birthday.


30) It is your fault that I forgot your birthday because you keep me so engrossed in the fun things that we do every day. Belated happy birthday.

Funny but adorable late birthday quote for friends

31) I am sorry, I am late. For my wishes, I made you wait. I never meant to make you sad, because you are the best friend I’ve ever had. Happy belated birthday.


32) I know you had an awesome birthday. I want you to continue the celebration and have an awesome belated birthday too. Here’s a late birthday wish to keep the party going.


33) You are lucky that I forgot your birthday because now you will get two gifts. One for your birthday and one to make you feel better. Happy belated birthday.


34) It is better to have a friend who forgets your birthday once, feels terrible about it and apologizes honestly – rather than a friend who sends a one-liner birthday wish every year just because of a Facebook reminder. I, your true friend wish you a happy belated birthday.


35) Sometimes when you remember an important date way too much in advance, you tend to forget it when the day actually comes. That is exactly what happened to me on your birthday. I am sorry.


36) Forgetting your birthday is not a sign of our weakening friendship. It is just a sign of my weakening memory. Happy belated birthday.


37) Sometimes you forget to return my stuff. Sometimes you forget to return my calls. Sometimes you forget to tell me something important. Today I forgot your birthday – I guess we are even now. Happy belated birthday.


38) I remember how our school teacher always excused you every time you were late for a class with a simple warning and a smile. Haven’t you learnt anything from her? Happy belated birthday.


39) Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus and Tumblr – I will make my life miserable and not log-in to any of these until you forgive me for forgetting your birthday. I am sorry.


40) Kick me, spank me, hit me, curse me – do whatever you want but please forgive me. Sorry, happy belated birthday.