30th birthday poems

Funny 30th birthday poem on a card

30th birthday poems: Write a funny poem on a birthday greeting card to wish someone a happy thirtieth birthday. Whether you are wishing your friends, husband, wife, colleagues, co-workers, boss, brother, sister or any other family member, take ideas from this post to create cute poetic quotes. You can also send such sweet rhymes by text messages or share them on Facebook, Pinterest and email. Turning thirty is one of the first milestone birthdays that actually make people realize that life is moving fast. Apart from being humorous, give your poem an inspirational touch which motivates people to work hard and achieve all their dreams. After all, the thirties are possibly one of life’s most challenging and important decades.


1) Say R.I.P. to your amazing twenties

As you enter your boring thirties

Say goodbye to your crazy ways

Say hello to monotonous days

Bid adieu to irresponsibility

As you strive towards accountability

Don’t worry, I am just fooling around

Don’t let this rhyme bring you down

You will have the best time at thirty

So chill out, relax and take it easy

Happy 30th birthday


2) Three decades of life

Means a lot of experience

It tells a lovely story

Of happiness and endurance

Three decades of life

Means you have many more to go

I wish you well for all them

Is what I want you to know

Happy 30th birthday


3) Don’t worry, don’t regret

Don’t be flustered or upset

You are about to witness

A time full of happiness

Thirty is the age to settle down

Enjoy fruits of hard work that come around

Thirty is the age to start things new

Exciting opportunities to pursue

As you celebrate turning thirty

I hope you achieve all the dreams you see

Happy 30th birthday


4) Your milestone birthdays

Will come and go

But there is one thing

I want you to know

I will always be there

When you look around

To cheer you up

When you are down

As you celebrate

Your thirtieth birthday

Remember that I am here

To keep all your troubles at bay

Happy birthday dear


5) I have seen your childhood years

As a young kid, you were outstanding

Then I witnessed your twenties

When everything about you was so confusing

Now that you are an adult

Your life is finally on track, so exciting

At thirty, your life’s epic journey so far

Is totally worth celebrating

Happy thirtieth birthday


6) Thirties are not just about

Having a midlife crisis

Thirty is also about enjoying

Tailing youthfulness and bliss

Thirties are not just about

Starting a family

Or being over burdened

With responsibility

Turning thirty is your last chance

To create awesome memories

I hope that you have

A terrific time in your thirties

Happy 30th birthday


7) As you turn thirty today

The boost in your career

And the best of your personal life

Will begin to near

The best of good times

You will experience now

Thirties is a decade which is

Exciting and how

Happy 30th birthday


8) Life is a big adventure at thirty

Which you have just begun

This is the time for you

To have the last bit of fun

Life at thirty is a roller coaster ride

Which has just started to roll

Have an awesome time before

Age starts taking its toll

Happy 30th birthday


9) Even though you are thirty

You still look like a teen

At thirty, you look the best

That I have ever seen

Even though you are thirty

You have a teeny effervescence

I hope that you can always have

Such a youthful appearance

Even though you are thirty

You so free spirited

I hope your thirties give you

Everything that you have always wanted

Happy 30th birthday


10) The worst part about turning thirty

Is that you will feel for the first time

That age is creeping up

And you have gone past your prime

Of your life’s best years

Thirty is actually the beginning

If your life was divided in seasons

This would be spring

So don’t feel disheartened

Don’t feel old and sad

Don’t think that life is running away

Don’t feel too bad

Happy 30th birthday


11) Early thirties are the best times of life

Spontaneous and carefree

Because once you have a family and kids

You will have to live life differently

In your early thirties you can

Live life without much stress

Before the dreaded midlife crisis

In which everything will be a chaotic mess

Happy 30th birthday


12) One third of your life

Has just gone by

The rest of your life

May also quickly fly

Start your countdown

To achieve and accomplish

All your dreams and ambitions

That is what I wish

Happy 30th birthday


13) You hardly look

Thirty on your Facebook

You look like twenty

Not joking, seriously

You have the energy of a teen

More bubbly, you have never been

I hope you always stay this way

I wish you a happy thirtieth birthday


14) Celebrate your thirtieth

By doing something memorable

Make it the best birthday

By doing something special

Turning thirty is a milestone

That you will later cherish

Have an awesome time today

Is my birthday wish

Happy 30th birthday


15) As you bask in the glory

Of turning a year older

Don’t forget the responsibilities

You will have to shoulder

As you celebrate

You thirtieth year

I hope you have a great time

Happy birthday my dear


16) The best times of your life

Are about to unfold

Don’t let your spirit age

Just because you have grown old

Don’t forget that the next

Few years to come

Will be the prime years of your life

Full of happiness and totally awesome

Happy 30th birthday


17) Thirty is just the beginning

Of exciting years ahead

On many new pastures

You will have to tread

Thirty is the beginning

Of getting success

May every venture of life

Bring you joy and happiness

Happy 30th birthday


18) Celebrate turning thirty today

Shout out loud and say

You have lots of wisdom in store

And you are not immature anymore

You are beyond your embarrassing twenties

Moving on to your enlightened thirties

You have a lot of experience and insight

To see things in a new light

Congratulations on turning thirty

This is the time to be smart and nifty

Happy 30th


19) In the race of your life

This will be the hardest part

Because there is no turning back now

You are miles from the start

The only way to tackle your thirties

Is to grab is by its collars

As you jump hurdles and problems

While minting big dollars

Happy 30th


20) Don’t listen to anyone

Who calls you old

Thirty is just the beginning

Of life’s miracles to unfold

New jobs and kids

New friends and life partners

Are just some of the few

Upcoming exciting new corners

Happy 30th birthday


21) Everyone turns thirty

It isn’t a big deal just for you

Unless you are chasing a new dream

Or there is an ambition you want to pursue

How will you commemorate

Your thirtieth birthday to make it special

Make new goals and desires

To make it memorable

Happy 30th birthday


22) Since you have grown old

Quicker than I thought

A gift suited to oldies

For you, I have bought

Since you will now

Start a family

Enjoy your last days of freedom

While you are thirty

Happy 30th birthday


23) Hi oldie

A little birdie

Has told me

That you could be

Sad and gloomy

As you are aging quickly

But don’t be

Upset so badly

As being thirty

Is a part of everyone’s destiny

Happy 30th birthday


24) Thirty is not too old

To be called as precious as gold

Thirty is not too prudent

To make you avoid silly accidents

Thirty is not too wise

To get the right to give everyone advice

Thirty is not too full of experience

To be called a person with matured intelligence

Alas, being thirty can be confusing

But that doesn’t mean you stop celebrating

Happy 30th birthday


25) Welcome to no man’s land

As you turn thirty

You are not too young nor too old

You are in the worst place that you can be

Welcome to the most confusing phase

Where you won’t know what to do

Should you act all grown up and matured

Or be carefree and just be you

Apart from these funny things

It is worth being thirty

Because you have a life ahead

To live wholeheartedly

Happy 30th birthday