25th anniversary poems: Silver wedding anniversary poems

Beautiful wedding anniversary card poem

25th anniversary poems: A silver wedding anniversary is a milestone that only privileged couples get to see. Twenty five long years of marriage are built on the solid foundation of love, commitment, compromise and the willingness to stand by each other through the best and worst of times. Add a personal touch to a couple’s 25th wedding anniversary by writing a beautiful poem about their marriage on a greeting card. Whether it is for your parents, aunt and uncle, friends or someone else in your family – your touching effort to be a part of their anniversary celebrations will make them feel good. After all, anniversaries are all about cherishing life’s beautiful moments with loved ones.


1) Your married life

Is an example

Of how two people can be

For each other, so special

Your unbreakable bond

Is a metaphor

To explain how someone’s love

Can be so truthful and pure

Happy 25th anniversary


2) Milestones come

And milestones go

May your love for each other

Never ceases to grow

Happy days come

And happy days go

May your marriage

Never see a low

Happy 25th anniversary


3) Half of fifty years

Almost double of fifteen

You marriage is the happiest

I have ever seen

But who needs numbers

When you have so much happiness

Who needs to count

When the journey is so timeless

Happy anniversary


4) The colors of life

Each and every shade

In all these years

You haven’t allowed to fade

The sounds of life

Each harmonious melody

Have reached a lovely crescendo

On your 25th anniversary


5) Charming, lively and graceful

I have never seen a couple so beautiful

Enchanting, lovable and wise

I have never met a couple like you, so nice

Joyful, relaxed and happy

Like this, may you both always be

Happy 25th anniversary


6) Your marriage

Is a testament

Of a life full of happiness

And enjoyment

Your union

Is an epic story

A collection of anecdotes

Beautiful and lovely

Happy 25th anniversary


7) Marriage is still seen

As a respectable institution

Because of people like you

Who make it work in any situation

People believe in marriage

Because of couples like you

Who are with each other even after

Twenty-five years of saying I do

Happy anniversary


8) A family get-together

A grand party

A massive celebration

For your anniversary

Even this not enough

We want something bigger

After all your anniversary

This year, is pure silver

Happy 25th anniversary


9) I thought you both would be

Tired of each other by now

I thought you would be bored

Of each other and how

I thought your marriage would be

Dull and lifeless

But you both seem to be

Beaming with happiness

You are a radiant couple

Even after twenty-five long years

Always so joyful and cheery

Your love life is free of tears

Happy 25th anniversary


10) You are fit to write a book

Detailing a perfect marriage’s recipe

If you wrote a blog about it

Many people would read it surely

You should give out paid advice

To new couples who seem distraught

For you are a lovely pair

Who love each other a lot

Twenty-five successful years of marriage

Makes you the best couple out there

I don’t think I have seen

A couple as perfect as you anywhere

Happy 25th anniversary

Wedding anniversary card poem about love and marriage

11) Love and friendship

Go hand in hand

A long marriage is not

The result of a magic wand

Sweat and tears

Make up the fabric of matrimony

To a fantastic couple

Wishing a Happy 25th Anniversary


12) Twenty-five years of marriage

Are not as happy-go-lucky as they seem

To adjust and compromise

Is not always a sweet dream

You must have put in your best effort

To reach your twenty fifth anniversary

Please accept our congratulations

We are as happy as we could ever be


13) Although your anniversary is silver

Your coming life will be all gold

The best times of your life

Are about to unfold

The fruits of all your commitment

You will now begin to bear

With a family so affectionate

So many people around you to care

Happy 25th anniversary


14) Twenty-five years of marriage

Is not a faint feat

You won every battle in which

Most others would have seen defeat

You have successfully braved

The tough journey of life

Be being the perfect couple

The ideal husband and wife

Happy 25th anniversary


15) A long marriage

Is like wine

If it ages well

It becomes so fine

And your marriage

Is the sweetest vintage ever

I hope it lasts

For ever and ever

Happy 25th anniversary


16) Twenty-five years have passed

Since you looked deep in each other’s eyes

You have come a long way

Having gracefully grown old and wise

I am sure this adventurous journey

Has been the best of all

Raise your glasses to each other

Sweet memories as you recall

Happy 25th anniversary


17) It is one thing to fall in love

It is another to tie the knot

It is one thing to like staying together

It is another to love each other a lot

It is one thing to spend a few years together

It is another to spend more than a decade or two

Congratulations for still being in love

I wish a Happy 25th wedding anniversary to you


18) Growing old with each other

So gracefully

Is truly a blessing

From the Almighty

Spending all your life

With someone you love

Is surely a blessing

From the Heavens above

Happy 25th anniversary


19) It must have been wonderful

Growing old with a woman so lovely

A woman you can proudly call

Your beautiful and loyal wifey

Having such a long marriage

Must be a lovely feeling

Happy 25th anniversary

Have a good time celebrating


20) People would believe

In marriage a lot more

They would give their hearts

To one another and soar

More couples would choose

To tie the knot

They would believe more

In loving each other a lot

If only they could see

How beautiful your marriage has been

How exemplary it is

So fulfilling and serene

Happy 25th anniversary


21) Twenty-five years of joy

Twenty-five years of enjoyment

Twenty-five years of love

Twenty-five years of fulfillment

Twenty-five years of bliss

Twenty-five years of adventure

Surely your married life

Couldn’t have been better

Happy 25th anniversary


22) This day marks a milestone

In your happy married life

It makes you the ideal

And perfect husband-wife

May you have many more

Such milestones to go

I wish the world for you

Is all that I want you to know

Happy wedding anniversary


23) Others would look up to you

Trying to learn what to do

To have an awesome married life

How to be a perfect husband and wife

Others would come to you

To seek marital advice

To figure out how you both spent

Twenty-five years so nice

Happy 25th anniversary


24) Twenty-five years

Is a long duration

For each other to have

Unfaltering affection

More than two decades

Is a long period

From fights and arguments

To remain untouched

It is amazing how you two

Have learnt to let go

Of life’s little troubles

And allowed your love to grow

Happy 25th anniversary


25) Your life must is

A beautiful spectrum

Made of emotions and feelings

It is a lovely prism

Full of anecdotes and memories

Is be your journey as a couple

Your marriage was simply destined to be

Your love is pure and special

Happy 25th anniversary