Birthday poems for mom

Beautiful birthday card poem for mom

21) Whether it was a Sunday or a Monday

Your love for me has always been constant

Whether you were happy or sad

Your attitude towards me has never been flippant

Whether I laughed or cried

You always hugged me tight

Whether times were good or bad

You always loved me with all your might

As I grow up, no matter where I go

Regardless of how far we are apart

You will always have

The softest corner in my heart

Happy birthday mom


22) You would be the strong roots

If I were a tree

In my life’s horizon

You are the endless sea

Mom, I don’t know how to convey

How much you mean to me

There is no limit to my love for you

You are my entire world, you see

Happy birthday


23) Sometimes we take your presence for granted

But today is not going to be that day

From sweet greetings to awesome gifts

We are going to pamper you in every way

Just sit back and enjoy the ride

As we, along with dad, spoil you silly

At your service, at your command

Just because we love you so much, mommy

Happy birthday


24) Our mommy is the strongest

Our mommy is the prettiest

Our mommy is the most beautiful

Our mommy’s love is warmer than wool

Our mommy makes the best food

Our mommy is never in a bad mood

Our mommy is never wrong

Our mommy is the best note in our life’s song

Happy birthday


25) I believe that children’s upbringing has a lot to do

With the kind of people they grow up to be

I know because I consider myself to be kind and honest

Virtues I picked up by observing my very own mommy

I’m sure it is not easy to always set a good example

It must have taken many sacrifices and tough decisions

I realize what it must have taken you to give me a great childhood

Happy birthday mom, you are my biggest inspiration


26) My life is perfect

Not just because I have the best toys

Not even because I have the latest gadgets

Not because my room is the envy of all the boys

My life is perfect

Because my mother makes food worthy of drools

Also because my mommy is so loving

And because my mom is just too cool

Happy birthday ma


27) Your love has been


Your commitment has been


Your sacrifices have been


As a mother you have been


Happy birthday


28) You are my best friend

In my life and on Facebook

Mom you can

Read me as if I were a book

I am your loyal follower

In real life and on Pinterest

You have always shared with me

Whatever is best

You are trending

In my life, both virtual and real

Mom, I just want to say

Happy birthday, wish a cute snuggle


29) The only type of true and selfless love I know exists

Is the one a mother has for her child

I know, because I have been hugged and cuddled

Even when I was naught and wild

On your birthday today let’s take a moment to celebrate

The endless amounts of laughs you have given us

Mom, we love you tons and we realize

How you have cared for us even when we created a fuss

Happy birthday


30) To carry off my birthday treat for you

Is going to be really hard

First I will lovingly write a poem

On a beautiful greeting card

A short but heart-warming speech

I would also write

After giving you an awesome gift

I’ll take you out for dinner at night

Let me spoil and pamper you today

It will make me really happy

After all, I am all grown up now

Give me a chance to treat you, mommy