Birthday poems for husband

Romantic message on a cute birthday card for husband

Birthday poems for husband: Instead of wishes, quotes and messages, write a sweet poem on a birthday card for your husband. Think of romantic lines and convert them into cute rhymes. Pour out all your love as you create short poems which you can write as a birthday greetings on a card, send as a funny text message or post them up on Facebook, Pinterest and other social networks. Your husband is the caring father of your children and the loving man in your life. Let his birthday be the best day of the year by getting him a nice gift and celebrate this special day with the entire family.


1) To my dear husband….

There are no words to express

My joy and happiness

For the way you have come

In my life to make it awesome

There are no words to express

The way you truly bless

Every moment of my existence

Filling it with an abundance

There are no words to express

The feel of your caress

With you, I feel happy and free

Darling, you mean the world to me

Happy birthday


2) Behind every successful man

Is a woman, they say

But I want to add a few words

To this quote, if I may

Behind every successful man

Is a woman, it is true

But behind every happy woman

Is a loving and caring husband like you

Happy birthday darling


3) Handsome, charming and hot

Is my hubby who I love a lot

Cool, smart and carefree

Is my husband with whom I want to be

Desirable, stylish and attractive

Is my husband with whom I love to live

Perfect, ideal and flawless

Is my husband, the reason for my happiness

Happy birthday darling


4) The person who gives

Everything to the family

The person who protects

During every calamity

The person who cares

For the tiniest of stress

The person who ensures

Everyone’s happiness

That person is none other

Than my husband dearest

Happy birthday to the man

Who is above the rest


5) An awesome husband like you

Is rare and uncommon

A perfect husband like you

Can be only one

An amazing husband like you

Is unique and exclusive

A cheerful husband like you

Makes life fun to live

To such a husband who is

Amazing, rare, unique and uncommon

I wish a happy birthday

Baby, have lots of fun


6) Every morning is a feast

To see you wake up beside me

Every afternoon is a treat

To send you texts, naughty and flirty

Every evening is a delight

To look forward to a sensuous night

Ever night, needless to say

Is the best part of my day

Happy birthday hubby


7) If I have ever taken you for granted

I am really sorry

If I have ever hurt your feelings

I apologize, my dear hubby

If I have ever snubbed you

I seek your forgiveness

I am sorry if I have ever

Compromised on your happiness

Today is the perfect day

To tender every single apology

You deserve the finest

For being the best husband to me


8) Everything that he does

Has the mark of a perfectionist

For bringing happiness in our family

He has been the catalyst

He has a penchant for living life

By enjoying each and every moment

In my life, my dear husband

You are truly god sent

Happy birthday


9) You are not like other husbands

Average and ordinary

You are above them all

By being the perfect husband to me

For a husband so loving

And so exemplary

My love is everlasting

Without any expiry

Happy birthday


10) The best husband in the world

Deserves a extraordinary treat

A boring party is not enough

For a husband so sweet

The best husband in the world

Also deserves an awesome night out

Which he is going to get from his wife

Tonight, without a doubt

Happy birthday


11) There is no award as yet

Which rewards a good spouse

Otherwise it would have been

On the mantelpiece of our house

If there was an award

For the best husband in town

There are no prizes for guessing

Who would win it hands down

Happy birthday


12) I am scared and jittery

Full of confusion and worry

What else can I do

I have to plan a party for you

I want it to be flawless

Full of joy and happiness

I want it to be at par

With parties you have thrown me so far

Happy birthday to my dear husband


13) If my love for you wasn’t pure

I would have thrown you a glamorous bash

I would have booked the most expensive hotel

To splurge a lot of cash

But I have planned something else tonight

A heartfelt meal with friends and family

You will like it much better

Than a stupid and expensive party

Happy birthday


14) Do you remember the time when we used to date

For those days, I still thank my fate

Otherwise I would have never met you

You would have never come across me too

We wouldn’t have married each other

A husband like you, I wouldn’t have found another

Thank God that I found the perfect guy

Without you dear husband, I would die

Happy birthday


15) You are the reason

I love living

You are the reason

Life is hot and happening

You are the reason

All my dreams are fulfilled

You are the reason

I am always chilled

You are the reason

For the best things to happen

My dear husband you are

My hero, my number one

Happy birthday


16) Finding the definition

Of the perfect hubby

Is not a big task

Because he is right in front of me

By touching my heart

And caring for me every day

He is the perfect husband

In every single way

Happy birthday dear


17) Hot, hot, hot

I find my husband a lot

Kiss, kiss, kiss

To give my husband, I don’t miss

Love, love, love

I never put anything else above

Hug, hug, hug

My husband has given me the love bug

Peck, peck, peck

I love giving my husband on his neck

Although this poem is random

It is to tell you that you are awesome

Happy birthday


18) The one and only

Cute and cuddly

Nice and friendly

Charming and bubbly

Smart and nifty

Cool and witty

Very deservingly

Is my dear hubby

Happy birthday


19) Check your Facbook page

And you will see

What you really

Mean to me

Check your Twitter feed

And you will realize

That you are my

Most treasured prize

Check your Instagram

To understand

That your importance in my life

Is nothing less than grand

Happy birthday to my dear husband


20) To my dear husband….

Living life without you

Would be a real feat

Without you, my existence

Would be incomplete

The reason for my smile

The reason for my joy

Is none other than you

My charming birthday boy

Happy birthday


21) A perfect life is not a myth

It all depends on who you are with

If you have a husband like me

Your life will be happy and carefree

But every woman is not so blessed

Not every woman has witnessed

An awesome life like lucky me

All thanks to my wonderful hubby

Happy birthday


22) I don’t blame other women

Who go green with envy

I don’t blame them to be jealous

Because I have a wonderful hubby

Even I would have been envious

If you had someone else as your wife

Without you I just can’t

Imagine living my life

Happy birthday to my husband


23) To my dear husband….

Nothing is the same

When you are not with here

Without you I begin to feel

Lonely and full of fear

Everything changes

In your absence

Don’t ever think of leaving me

Not even for once

Happy birthday


24) One more birthday marks

One more year of being together

I hope these beautiful celebrations

Seal our bond forever

One more birthday marks

One more year of your love in my life

I hope these lovely moments of life

Never end, to make me the luckiest wife

Happy birthday


25) Your birthday celebration

Is something very small

Compared to your contribution

So important and tall

Your birthday party

Is just a tiny token

Compared to the way you make

Your family’s life so much fun

Happy birthday to my dear husband


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