Birthday poems for grandpa

Birthday poems for grandpa: Wish your grandfather a happy birthday by writing a sweet poem on his birthday greeting card. Take ideas from this post to write mature, wise, cute and funny short rhymes that will make your old granddad smile. You can send a short poem as a quote in a text message or post a picture on Pinterest and Facebook. Make him proud to have such considerate and loving grandson or granddaughter like you. All these years, your grandpa has showered his undying love on your dad, mom and now his grandkids – his birthday is your chance to shower your love on him with a wish, gift and a treat.


1) It doesn’t matter what age you are

As long as you are young in spirit

It doesn’t matter how old you have grown

As long as you are healthy and fit

It doesn’t matter if you have become forgetful

Because that is just human

You will always remain the best grandpa

Forever, my number one

Happy birthday


2) The most comforting feeling in the world

Is when I hold your wrinkled hand

The most loving feeling in the world

Is when, in your lap my head lands

The most emotional feeling in the world

Is when you give me a peck on the cheek

The loveliest feeling in the world

Is when you give me the answers in life I seek

The most mature feeling in the world

Is when you share your life’s wisdom and views

The warmest feeling in the world

Is knowing that I have a grandpa like you

Happy birthday


3) I will tell time to stop

Just so that you do not age

I will tell the world to come to a halt

So that you can enjoy life’s voyage

With every passing birthday

Don’t think that you are getting rusty and old

For all of us you will always be

As precious ad silver or gold

Happy birthday grandpa


4) I love the way you make fun of dad

And the way you cheer up everyone when they are sad

I love the way you play pranks on everyone

And make us have so much fun

I love the way you pamper us so easily

And take care for us so painstakingly

For the best granddad ever, I shout and cheer

And prepare for a bash as your birthday comes near

Happy birthday


5) Wine is not the only thing

That ages gracefully

My grandpa is also the one

Who has aged beautifully

Wine is not the only thing

With time, which becomes vintage

My grandpa is also become precious

Who has matured with age

Happy birthday


6) My weekends would be boring

Without your company

My holidays would be pathetic

If you didn’t spend time with me

My summer breaks would be unexciting

If I didn’t visit your place

My vacations would be meaningless

If I didn’t see your loving face

Now can you see how much I love you

And how fond of you I am

I wish my dear grandpa a happy birthday

Without you, my life would have been a sham

Happy birthday


7) Dear grandpa….

You have always helped me

To celebrate my birthday

Now I will celebrate yours

In a really grand way

I will help you to blow the candles

I will make you wear a birthday cap

And until we are totally exhausted

We won’t call it a wrap

Happy birthday


8) Every time you held my little finger

Every time you ran your hand through my hair

Every time you patted my back

You gave me love and assured me that life is fair

Every time you sat down with me to talk

Every time scolded me for a silly mistake

Every time you showed me right from wrong

From my innocent slumber, you helped me to be awake

For a grandpa who has been with me

At every step of the way

Throwing a party and cutting a cake

Is the least we can do to make his day

Happy birthday grandpa


9) I wish you were on Facebook

Then you could take a look

At the birthday wishes for you that I have posted

And all your funny jokes that I have quoted

I wish you were on Pinterest

For you, it would be a joy fest

To see all our pictures together

Dear grandpa, like you there is no another

Happy  birthday


10) Who is the best man in the world

Who is the perfect person

Who is a fine gentleman

With whom, I have had so much fun

Who is the best father of all

Who is the best guide

It is my grandfather

My family’s pride

Happy birthday grandpa


11) When I am exhausted, I look in your eyes

And I get overcome with a sudden calm

That is because the depth in your soul

To my heart, is a healing balm

When I am afraid, I look at your face

And I get overwhelmed by your radiant glow

That is because you are so wise

I respect you a lot grandpa, I want you to know

Happy birthday


12) All grandfathers have one thing in common

They are a cute and sweet tribe

Affectionate, caring and lovable are the qualities

To them, which I ascribe

Another thing that all grandfathers have in common

Is that they love one thing a lot

They adore their grandkids

And spoil them no matter what

Happy birthday grandpa


13) When I faltered, you believed in me

My potential, only you could see

To me, you are that person

Because of whom, I have always won

If I didn’t have your support and aid

A heavy price in life, I would have paid

To the best grandpa, I say cheers

As my eyes fill up with tears

Happy birthday


14) He is so cute and cuddly

He is so soft and bubbly

He is so lovable and sweet

To the soul, he is a pure treat

I am not talking about my teddy bear

I am talking about my grandpa, for who I care

Happy birthday gramps


15) I know that grandma loves you

But I love you a lot too

Of you, I know mom is very fond

But I think that you and I have a stronger bond

I know that dad loves you down to every bit

But I think that you and I are a better fit

In the whole household, we are the perfect pair

Without you grandpa, I would be lost, I swear

Happy birthday


16) Do you remember how I used to run

In your arms, just for fun

Do you remember how I used to crawl

Sneakily into your study when I was small

Do you remember how I used to play cute

When I wanted your cuddle, which you couldn’t refute

I remember each and every thing in detail

My relationship with you can never feel stale

Happy birthday to my dear grandpa


17) You are not just my granddad

You are the best companion I have had

I love you to no end

Because you are my friend

I love you endlessly

Not just because you have loved me

You are a granddad so cool and fine

I am proud to call mine

Happy birthday


18) In no corner of the world

Have I found my grandpa’s wisdom

His wit, knowledge and understanding

I have elsewhere found seldom

In no corner of the world

Will I ever find my grandpa’s intelligence

To say what a wonderful person he is

I won’t miss a chance even once

Happy birthday


19) Do you know why I am so handsome

Because I have your DNA

Your genes are the reason

I am becoming do smart day by day

Do you know why I am so intelligent

That is because it is hereditary

Getting these qualities is natural

When you have a grandpa who is legendary

Happy birthday


20) You are one of the few grandpas of the world

About everything latest, who knows

You know trends that are buzzing

Whether it is Facebook or any new gizmos

That is what makes you a cool grandpa

Who I like to hang out with, so much

Tell me what you what on your birthday

A Kindle, Nook or an iPod Touch

Happy birthday


21) Like a grandfather clock

You stand tall in the family

You are a pillar of strength

For mom, dad and me

Every word that you say

And every action you do

Inspires us immensely

Making us proud to have you

Happy birthday


22) You are grand in the true sense

Your personality is magnificent

Your presence is towering

And your company is pleasant

You are grand in a few other ways too

You brought the family where it is now

As I wish you a happy birthday

I want to say that we all love you and how

Happy birthday


23) Today I am wishing something for you

Because it is your birthday

I hope that you keep good health

And for your happiness I pray

I wish that medicines don’t come close

To both you and dear grandma

You have no idea how much we love you

Happy birthday to our dear grandpa


24) Just like the shadow of a tree

Gives shade to a traveler forlorn

Wrapping your grandkids in the your love

Must be the reason why you were born

Just like bees and flowers

From each other, can’t be separate

Your grandkids love you so much

To meet you every weekend, they can’t wait

Happy birthday


25) You are not just our dad’s father

You are our father figure too

We crave to get our daily dose

Of the love that we get from you

You are not just grandfather

You are our friend too

We crave to get our daily dose

Of friendly advice from you

Happy birthday grandad