Birthday poems for ex-girlfriend

Birthday poems for ex-girlfriend: Write a sweet poem on a birthday greeting card for your ex-girlfriend if you want to move on from your breakup. A short rhyme in a text message, cute Pinterest pin or a funny Facebook post to wish your ex a Happy Birthday is a great way to respect the relationship that you once had with her. Use the beautiful memories of the time that you spent together to come up with your own quotes which you can incorporate in the birthday poems. Whether you still miss her, love her, angry at her for hurting you or hate her for cheating on you – her birthday is the perfect day to leave the past behind, forget the scars or heartbreak and start a new friendship.


1) To my ex-girlfriend….

It is time for me to break the ice

It is time for me to be nice

It is time for me to stop the fight

And to argue who was right

It is time for me to undo

The hurt that I have caused you

I hope you don’t mind if I start

By wishing you well with all my heart

Happy birthday


2) I am not one of those guys

Who thinks of his ex-girlfriend as his enemy

I am not one of those guys

Who cannot see things practically

I am not one of those guys

Who thinks about taking revenge

I am not one of those guys

A girl, who wants to avenge

I am just one of those guys

Who thinks it is perfectly okay

To wish a lovely ex-girlfriend

A very friendly happy birthday


3) I can never forget this date

Today is a special day, your birthday it is

As your ex-boyfriend, I am sending you a hug

Because I can no longer send you a kiss

Happy birthday


4) Wishing happy birthday

To an ex-girlfriend is not a crime

To get back together as friends

Is a good thing, anytime

Today is the day I have picked

To say sorry and repent

To make up for all the hurt

Please accept the gift I have sent

Happy birthday


5) My dear ex-girlfriend

I loved you a lot

I found you hot

I believed in you

That, I think you knew

I admired you very much

I loved your touch

But that is now history

Meet the new me

Who is just here to say

Wishing you a friendly happy birthday


6) I would be lying if I said

That I have forgotten you birthday

The truth is that I am wondering

To you, what I should say

I hope that you get everlasting love

You deserve nothing less

Even though I am your ex-boyfriend

For you, I wish nothing but happiness

Happy birthday


7) I wish I could cuddle you

On your birthday

I wish I could caress

With your hair, fondly play

I wish I could take

Your hand in mine

And celebrate you big day

With a bottle of wine

I wish all this was possible

But since it is not

I will give our new friendship

My very best shot

Happy birthday


8) To my ex-girlfriend….

I don’t know

If you have a new boyfriend yet

But if you do

Please tell him there is no reason to fret

This short rhyme, from me to you

Is just a friendly text message

To wish you the best

As you turn a life’s page

Happy birthday


9) I hope that you get the best in life

But I secretly hope that you don’t get a new guy

I hope that you get all that you desire

But not a new boyfriend, even if you try

I hope that you achieve all your dreams

But I secretly hope that you stay single

If you ever change your mind to get back with me

My happiness, you will double

Happy birthday


10) It is unfortunate that

A couple, we couldn’t be

It is painful that

A future together, we couldn’t see

Because I still think

That you are a great girl

And even if I see you today

You would make my heart curl

This short poem is just a silly rant

What I really want to say

Is to wish my ex-girlfriend

A very happy birthday


11) I still remember your birthday

Because my bond with you was strong

By wising my ex-girlfriend today

I don’t think I am doing anything wrong

I am glad I remember your birthday

It gives me a reason to keep in touch

I don’t do it out of a formality

But because I like you very much

Happy birthday


12) I still think that

You are a cool gal

Even though you are

Now just a pal

I still think that

You are my friend

Even though our relationship

Has come to an end

I still think that

Even after a bitter breakup

My good wishes, will never discontinue

Happy birthday


13) After the heartbreaking fights of our breakup

I have finally decided to make peace

Let’s untangle all the knots of complications

So that we both can be at ease

Let me start by making a promise

On the day that you turn an year older

That whenever you find yourself in trouble

You can always lean on my shoulder

Happy birthday


14) To my ex-girlfriend….

The happy days we spent

With each other are gone

But that does not give me

A reason to be forlorn

I still prize the friendship

That still remains

Even though when I think

About our past, it pains

For today I will put

All those thoughts aside

I want to see a smile

On your face, bright and wide

The candles on your cake, as you blow

I will always be a friend, I want you to know

Happy birthday


15) To my ex-girlfriend….

This poem is to make you see

Your special day doesn’t matter to me

Because you broke my heart

My feelings, you ripped apart

While you have fun on your birthday

My heart is going through decay

But that shouldn’t cause a disruption

In your lame birthday celebration

Happy birthday


16) I don’t feel the need to be bitter or upset

And drag our breakup in every conversation

I don’t see why that should be the reason for

Not being a part of your birthday celebration

This is not going to be a hateful rant

About the heartbreak that you and I had

I just want to let you know

That for all the fights, I am feeling bad

Happy birthday


17) As a tribute to our relationship

I have our old picture on Facebook

You look beautiful in it

Because that is the picture I took

I have tagged you in that photo

Just to remind you of the fun

I wish you a happy birthday

I hope you have a good one

Happy birthday


18) Today my iPhone beeped

With a reminder which I knew

Would be for your birthday

And that made me blue

After contemplating

Whether to text you or not

I finally sent this silly rhyme

Because I am still fond of you, a lot

Happy birthday


19) To my ex-girlfriend….

I didn’t have the courage

To face you upfront

Because I am guilty

I am facing the brunt

If I didn’t cheat on you

Or smother you with my lies

Nothing would have come

In between our ties

On your birthday today

The least I can do

Is send you my good wishes

And say happy birthday to you


20) I have permanently deleted

The memories I made with you

I have permanently erased

My love for you, so true

I have permanently wiped out

My promises and dreams

Saying goodbye to these things

Is not as easy as it seems

But there is one thing

That I can never forget

And that is your birthday

Which I haven’t forgotten yet

Happy birthday


21) It is time to forget

Our bitter past

And begin a new friendship

Which will hopefully last

It is time to forget

The hurt we gave each other

And try to be good friends

And support one another

As you prepare to cut your cake

And blow out the candles now

I may not be there with you

But I will be your friend, I take a vow

Happy birthday


22) To my ex-girlfriend….

Old habits die hard

And that is the reason why

I cannot forget your birthday

Even if I try

I am glad that this one habits

That didn’t die fast

By wishing you every year

At least our friendship will last


23) Every time I think of you

My face breaks into a smile

But before I can give you a call

I pause and think for a while

Even though you are my ex-girlfriend

And things are not the same between us

I hope that this cute little rhyme

Does not create a fuss

Happy birthday


24) At first I was going to send a long email

Then I decided to sent you a text message

I hope that my actions

Don’t send you into a fit of rage

Consider this cute poem as the beginning

Of the end of our fights, on a friendly note

I wrote it specially for your birthday

So we could keep our friendship afloat

Happy birthday


25) To my ex-girlfriend….

Let’s move on from our breakup

I wish that you remain happy forever

I want you to get the best in life

So that you become sad, never

Just because I am not

A part of your life anymore

Doesn’t mean that my feelings

For you have become sore

Happy birthday


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